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Posture Pump Proven Relief for Neck Pain & Back Pain

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Stop Neck Pain and Back Pain

Effective Treatment for Back Pain and Neck Pain

Neck & Back Pain - Common Causes

Full Spine Model - Demonstration

Common Causes Neck Pain and Back Pain.

Our modern lifestyles have led to many causes of back pain and neck pain, poor posture and hunching over modern devices known as 'tech neck' to name just a few- however there is possible treatment. So what happens when our posture does not support our back and neck? As the neck and back lose their correct postural curve (that’s the shape of your spine) the nutrient rich lubricating fluid that is found within is forced out of the discs. The bones clamp down on the discs meaning the vital lubricant and fluid cannot easily return. Posture Pump helps restore the correct curvature to the discs- relieving your pain.

Posture Pump and Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions cause mechanical compression and compromise to the discs, joints and nerves of the spine. Arthritis, trapped nerves, whiplash, fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, parkinsonian diseases and many other conditions can result in painful loading of the joints of the spine and this in turn causes them to undergo a stress responses that leads to dehydrated discs, narrower joint spaces and "wear and tear" on surrounding tissues. Posture Pump’s gentle yet effective action helps with pain management, read more here from Fibrodaze.

How Posture Pump is an Effective Treatment for Back Pain and Neck Pain

There are six different models of Posture Pump to choose from, each working on the same simple principle - inflation. Comfortable cushions gently inflate under the painful area, you control the level and speed of inflation and when to release. This gentle movement restores the correct curvature to the affected area so allowing those important lubricating fluids back into the discs.

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