Back Pain

5 Exercises For A Bad Back

If you suffer from a bad back then you have probably looked for many treatments to ease your pain! Posture Pump is a proven treatment for back pain, however you must always compliment it with exercise for the best results. Ruth, who runs Mind and Body Matters, is a personal trainer, massage therapist and pilates instructor and has been working with people for many years who suffer from a bad back. She recommends that they use Posture Pump in conjunction with pilates and several exercises.

She has very kindly put together a short video for us demonstrating five exercises that are great for people who suffer from a bad back. Watch the video and give these a go. As with everything, these need to become part of your daily routine to have a really positive effect- just like using your Posture Pump.

Don't continue to suffer with a bad back! Try these 5 exercises for back pain and give Posture Pump a go- we guarantee you won't be disappointed, which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Shop our range of models here.


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