Neck Pain

How Using Your Smartphone Is Ruining Your Posture

Four out of five adults now use a smartphone, so chances are if you’re reading this that you do too! They’re great, right!? We can stay connected with people via social media, we can work on the move, they take great pictures and videos, the internet is at our disposal and they can help us organise our lives. Great! However, did you know that using your smartphone is ruining your posture and causing neck pain?

Have you ever stopped to think how you use your smartphone? If you’re ready this on your phone right now what’s your position? Is your phone in your hands about stomach height with your head tilted down? Bet it is! And, did you know that by doing this you are forcing your spine to be pushed out of its natural curve and over time this is ruining your posture and will cause you to have neck pain.

Maybe you think “well, I don’t spend that much time on my phone” but actually, on average, we spend over four hours on our smartphones a day. Four hours! That’s a lot of time for your neck to be in the wrong position, and over time it can do real, lasting damage.

So, what actually happens when your neck is forced out of shape for too long like this? As your neck loses its natural shape the nutrient rich lubricating fluid, that is found within your discs, is forced out. The bones in your neck will clamp down and that fluid can’t get back in. Eventually you’ll end up with a sore neck and over time you could start to get a hunched spine.

But don’t panic! Posture Pump can help you! Posture Pump is an effective and gentle treatment that helps return your spine to its correct position, allowing those essential fluids back in between your discs, relieving your pain and improving your posture.

Cushions are placed under the affected area and then using inflation, which you control, your spine is lifted up and down. Fluid returns, posture is restored and pain relieved. So, if you’re worried about your sore neck, poor posture or developing a hunched back start using Posture Pump to eliminate these problems. Plus, we’re so confident that you’ll love it we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. See our full range of products here.

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